Public Health Nutrition: Identifying Models and Effective Approaches to Workforce Development (2003)

Gwyn Jolley & Stacey Masters

This literature review has drawn on published literature, reports and expert knowledge to identify models and effective approaches to workforce development for the nutrition, primary health care and other relevant non-health sector workforces. The review next illustrates the three approaches to workforce development using case study examples and discusses the lessons for public health nutrition workforce development.

In summary, the review findings are that: there does not appear to be a body of evidence on workforce development methodologies in the peer-reviewed literature or the grey literature reviewed there appears to be little evaluation of workforce development models and programs for the primary health care, including specialist nutrition, workforces there are acknowledged limitations of current education/training in supporting the primary health care workforce to incorporate change the focus on workforce alone is not sufficient - workforce development approaches tend to be individualistic, rather than environmental there is a need to integrate workforce development into the broader context of the organisation and public health policy capacity building and competency-based approaches both have a place and show promise transfer of new evidence into practice is key and needs organisational support as well as support for the primary health care workforce.

This report is free to download Public Health Nutrition.pdf