What works? A systematic review of the evidence for the effectiveness of community health in Adelaide (2004)


Fran Baum, Gwyn Jolley & Catherine Hurley

Systematic Review has become a common method to assess the value of a body of evidence. This report applies the method to 93 evaluations conducted in Adelaide community health services over a four year period.

The report documents the findings of the review and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluations. This report has found that community health services in Adelaide conduct a large number of innovative programs, often addressing complex health issues.

The views of staff in the services about the barriers to doing more evaluation and how these barriers might be overcome are also reported.

Five of the top-ranking evaluations are described in some detail. Recommendations are made regarding how the health system can better support evaluation of community health initiatives.

The report is essential reading for anyone interested in the evaluation of community-based health services.

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