YWCA of Adelaide: Big Brothers Big Sisters Program Evaluation Report 2010

Katherine Biedrzycki, Marlene Wiese, Angela Lawless

This report discusses the findings and the implications of the evaluation of the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) program of the YWCA of Adelaide. The evaluation has explored a range of factors around the success and challenges of the BBBS mentoring program by examining the roles and experiences of mentors, the experiences and outcomes for mentees and their families, and the experiences and ideas of staff. The aims of the evaluation are to explore the development of protective factors for 'at-risk' young people, the quality of mentor-mentee relationships, the engagement of volunteer mentors, factors affecting recruitment and retention of mentors, opportunities for parents/carers to build parenting skills and reduce isolation, and implementation of BBBS program processes.

The evaluation uses a mixed qualitative and quantitative approach including focus groups, interviews, online surveys and vox-pops with mentors, mentees, parents/carers, and program staff.

This report is free to download YWCA Big Brothers Big Sisters report.pdf