21st Birthday of WHO Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion: is the charter relevant to the 21st century?

Panel Discussion - November 23rd, 2007

The WHO Ottawa Charter has been one of the most widely used and significant documents in the history of health promotion. It argues strongly for an approach to health promotion that draws on all sectors.

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Foucalt & Bordieu

Carol Bacchi & Ben Wadham - October 16, 2007

This seminar considers the value of Pierre Bourdieu’s theories and his conceptual tools for critical ethnographies. The issues of water supplies in remote South Australian towns and the development of a statewide men’s health policy are used as examples to outline the key concepts of Bourdieu’s ethnography. The ideas of the field, capital, practice, and habitus are described for their use in health research.

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Readings - Carol Bacchi

  1. What's the problem represented to be? - an introduction Carol Bacchi - Reading 1 (PDF 16KB)
  2. Michel Foucault (1984) - Polemics, Politics and Problematizations http://foucault.info/foucault/interview.html
  3. What is a problematization? Pls read only if is only if u want to pursue the issue further than Foucault's interview on the subject and Carol Bacchi's adaptation of the idea. http://anthropos-lab.net/bpc/2007/04/what-is-a-problematization

Readings - Ben Wadham

  1. The basic Theoretical Position Ben Wadham - Reading 1 (PDF 6KB)
  2. Cultural Field and the Habitus Ben Wadham - Reading 2 (PDF 6KB)


Primary Health Care: Strategies for change

July 30th 2007

A forum to present current good practice in Primary Health Care and consider future directions.

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- Global directions in Comprehensive PHC - Prof Fran Baum (PDF 1MB)
- Primary Care at the Margins - David Scrimgeour & Peter Lake (PDF 25KB)
- Lifestyle Risk Factor Program - Cecily Niocholls and Maria Fiorito (PDF 47KB)
- Kilburn Blair Athol Employment Project - Bernie McEvoy (PDF 12KB)
- Piercing Problems in Health - Steve Parker (PDF 2MB)
- African Hour: Community Radio Spreading Primary Health Care Messages To Newly Arrived Africans In The Northern Suburbs - Chris Fitzharris and Oscar Habonimana (PDF 139KB)
- Understanding of the criminal justice system and domestic violence - Elaine Lloyd (PDF 198KB)
- Opening a Pandora's Box in Youth Inequity in Rural SA - Kate Saint Opening a Pandora's Box in youth inequity in rural SA - Kate Saint (PDF 232KB)
- Youth Participation as a Catalyst for Changing Health Services - Sky Yates, Luke Gray and Sue Arwen (PDF 136KB)
- A Virtuous Cycle of PHC - Prof Fran Baum and Angela Lawless (PDF 14KB)
Leadership for Change - A/Prof Anne Johnson  (PDF 728KB)


Local Action on Climate Change & Well-Being

Professor Tony McMichael - July 26, 2007

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Social Theory & Food Security

Fiona Verity, Paul Ward & John Coveney - June 13, 2007

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Fiona Verity Presentation - Fiona Verity (PDF 438KB)
Paul Ward Presentation - Paul Ward (PDF 60KB)
John Coveney Presentation - John Coveney (PDF 674KB)


Fiona Verity Reading for Fiona Verity (PDF 174KB)
Paul Ward Reading for Paul Ward (PDF 119KB)
John Coveney reading for John Coveney (PDF 56KB)


Health and Society Round Table Discussion

Illona Kickbusch - March 8, 2007

The Health and Society Round Table Discussion with Professor Kickbusch featured 5 presentations by members of our ASRI to which Professor Kickbusch responded by providing an international perspective into future research strengths and directions on the basis of her extensive experience from her work advising governments. 

Professor Kickbusch also presented separately on 'Multi-Disciplinary Research Institutes: What makes them work?' and 'Future Research Agendas: Social Determinants and Health Equity'.

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Global Health in the 21st Century

Illona Kickbusch - February 12, 2007

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Part 1 (WMV 48MB)
Part 2 (WMV 47MB)
Part 3 (WMV 66MB)