HiAP Research Forum

December 10 2013

The first Research Forum for the NHMRC funded project ‘Does a Health in All Policies approach improve health, well-being and equity?’ was held on Tuesday 10th December 2013. This project is examining the adoption and implementation of a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach in South Australia. The Forum was well attended by public servants, academics, students and staff from community based organisations. The Forum included presentations from Investigators and project staff who shared emerging findings from the research. The Forum also included discussion about the international application of Health in All Policies approaches with a presentation by Professor Jennie Popay (University of Lancaster) regarding responses to health inequities in the north west of England. Round table discussions explored various aspects of the HiAP approach, including the role of local and federal government, community input and HiAPs potential to address equity issues. A panel comprising Stephen Christley (SA Health), Sandy Pitcher (SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet), Siobhan Harpur (Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services), Liz Harris (University of New South Wales) and Jennie Popay continued the discussion and added insights from experiences interstate and in the UK. The panel members also addressed key policy questions related to the application of HiAP, its role in addressing health equity and possible future developments. Rob Moodie (University of Melbourne) drew on his extensive experience of health promotion and policy throughout the Forum to provide critical reflections on the research.

The Forum provided an important opportunity to seek feedback on the emerging findings and to reflect on the future directions of HiAP and the NHMRC research, which is funded until 2016. To view a recording of the Forum please click here.



Journal Club

November 5 2013

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Chronic illness: a revisionist account - Armstrong, D

Why Do People Die? Rising Life Expectancy, Aging, and Personal Responsibility - Zoe Veit, H


5th Southgate Oration - Profits and Pandemics

Prof Rob Moodie - October 17 2013

Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and chronic lung disease (non-communicable diseases [NCDs]) are now the leading causes of death and disability across the globe.  The giant transnational tobacco, alcohol, and ultra processed food and drink corporations have been called the industrial vectors of these diseases. Are these corporations to blame, or are they as they claim, part of the solution?

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Journal Club

August 6 2013

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What does it feel like to live here? Exploring sensory ethnography as a collaborative methodology for investigating social determinants of health in place - Sunderland, N. et al (2012)

Social determinants of health among African Americans in a rural community in the Deep South: an ecological exploration - Scott, AJ & Wilson, RF (2011)


Globalisation, "Brain drain" and human resources for health - A perspective from the south

Bridget Llyod - July 23 2013

An overview of human resources for health in Africa, with a particular focus on South Africa, some of the push and pull factors, and possible actions and strategies to deal with the critical shortage of health workers.

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Policy Club - The future of primary health care in South Australia

July 23 2013

Come and hear from a panel of experts to discuss and reflect upon the future of primary health care in South Australia. Individual speakers will present briefly followed by an audience Q & A.

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Journal Club

June 20 2013

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Border work in the contact zone: thinking indigenous/non-indigenous collaboration spatially - Somerville M & Perkins T

Effect of Moderate or Intensive Disease Management Program on Outcome in Patients With Heart Failure - Jaarsma T, H. L. van der Wal, M, Lesman-Leegte I et al


Theory Club - Children's rights and interests in an adult world

A/Prof Colin MacDougall, A/Prof Gerry Redmond, Prof Elizabeth Handsley - May 22 2013

In some parts of the world, research, practice and policy in relation to children is underpinned or influenced by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In this Theory Club, three senior researchers from different disciplines examine how children's rights are conceptualised and contextualised in Australia. They critically analyse how a children's rights approach fits in a world where adults are important in the lives of children, and have the power to make most major decisions concerning children.

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Why a children's rights approach? - A/Prof Colin MacDougall (PDF 2MB)

How should we interpret children's right to development? - A/Prof Gerry Redmond (PDF 980KB)

Children's rights: Parents, the law and the state  - Prof Elizabeth Handsley

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Journal Club

March 26 2013

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Nowhere to go: How stigma limits the options of female drug users after release from jail - van Olphen J, Eliason MJ, Freudenberg N & Barnes M

Moorn (Black)? Djardak (White)? How come I don’t fit in Mum? Exploring the racial identity of Australian Aboriginal children and youth - Kickett-Tucker CS


A.K.A. (Aboriginal Knowledge in the Academy) - Working with Emotional Distress

March 5 2013

Can Aboriginal and Maori knowledge and healing ways improve mental health service response to the needs of Indigenous people?

Held in cooperation with the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being.

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