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Book Launch ...

Please join us to celebrate the book launch of 'The New Public Health 4th Edition' by Professor Fran Baum, and 'Understanding Health 4th Edition' by Helen Heleher and Colin MacDougall. This event is being chaired by Professor Michael Kidd, Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, and the launch will be conducted by Professor Jennie Popay, Universty of Lancaster, UK.

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Southgate Journal Club

The next Journal Club titled 'Exploring the connections between place and wellbeing' will be held on Tuesday, 17 November 2015. 

Please see Journal Club Flyer (PDF 184KB) for full details

Please see Journal Club Paper 1 17 November 2015 (PDF 91KB)  and Journal Club Paper 2 17 November 2015 (PDF 191KB)

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Past Events

7th Southgate Oration - Dr Mirai Chatterjee - 22 October 2015


The 7th Southgate Oration was recently held on 22 October 2015. The Orator, Dr Mira Chatterjee, is the Director of the Social Security Team at the Self-Employed Women’s Association, (SEWA). She is responsible for SEWA’s health care, child care and insurance programmes. She is currently Chairperson of the National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd and actively involved with the Lok Swasthya Health Cooperative, of which she is a founder. Both cooperatives are promoted by SEWA. She joined SEWA in 1984 and was its General Secretary after its Founder, Ela Bhatt.


View the 7th Southgate Oration Flyer (PDF 623KB)

Watch the video of the presentation

View  Dr Mirai Chatterjee presentation (PDF 90KB)



Journal Club

The previous Journal Club titled  'Research using policy theory to understand policy processes affecting health and health equity' was held on Tuesday, 25 August 2015.

Please download the readings for this Journal Club  Paper 1 (PDF 351KB)  and  Paper 2 (PDF 131KB)  

Policy Club

The recent Policy Club titled 'Creating a Healthy University Workplace' was held on Thursday 18 June 2015. Speakers for this event included:

Professor Raewyn Connell, University of Sydney, Jeannie Rea, National President, NTEU, 
Dr Clare McCarty, School of Education, Flinders University, Professor Fran Baum, Director Southgate Institute, Flinders University, and Professor Michael Kidd, Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University.

Please click here to view the recording.

To view Professor Fran Baum's presentation, please click Prof Fran Baum PPT (PDF 2MB) .

To view Jeannie Rae's presentation, please click Jeannie Rae PPT (PDF 2MB) .

For any queries, please contact Dr Angela Lawless

 Journal Club

The previous Journal Club titled 'How do we understand health and illness? Examining research that considers the social influences’ was held on Tuesday, 9 June 2015.

Please download the readings for this Journal Club Paper 1 Journal Club (PDF 79KB)  and Paper 2 - Lifestyle as a choice of necessity (PDF 156KB)

  Theory Club

The most recent Theory Club titled 'Regulating The Body was held on Tuesday 19 May 2015. This event was chaired by Professor Colin MacDougall, Discipline of Public Health and Member of the Southgate Institute for Health Society & Equity Executive Committee. Guest presenters were Professor Murray Drummond, Dr Darlene McNaughton and Dr David Hunter.

To view Professor Murray Drummond's presentation please click Masculinities and Body Image (PDF 3MB)

To view Dr Darlene McNaughton's presentation please click Cultural Assumptions ... (PDF 2MB)

To view Dr David Hunter's presentation, please click The ethics of regulating the body (PDF 167KB)


Launch of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence on Social Determinants of Health Equity: Policy research on the social determinants of health equity

The Hon Julia Gillard launched the NHMRC CRE on Social Determinants of Health Equity on Friday, 24 April 2015. To view the recording of the launch, please click here. The Hon Julia Gillard's speech is available here  HonJuliaGillardSpeech@CREhealthequity (PDF 201KB) .

The Southgate Policy Symposium 

The Southgate Policy Symposium titled: Action to improve health equity: Ways to create a sustainable revenue base' was held on Friday, 24 April 2015. 

Please click here to view the recording.  

Professor Ron Labonte's presentation is available here (PDF 2MB)

SDOHA - Achieving health equity through action on social determinants: challenges and opportunities in Australian health policy

This event was held on Thursday 7 May 2015, at The Brassey Hotel, Belmore Gardens & Macquarie Street, Barton ACT. For further information please see their website.

Journal Club

The Southgate Journal Club assists researchers to conduct and publish good quality research relevant to the social determinants of health.

The Journal Club provides a forum for researchers to come together and participate in active discussion, to analyse recent literature in a critical way, examine methodological approaches, and consider lessons and insights for writing our own papers.

The most recent Journal Club was held on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 12.15pm - 1.30pm.

Please download the readings from this Journal Club  1st reading Journal Club (PDF 104KB)   and  2nd reading Journal Club (PDF 135KB)   

Please contact Dr Toni Delany if you have any queries.