This project is exploring the social and health support needs of older Greek Australians and the interplay of formal services and informal supports. The project augments the few studies in Australia which include researchers with a Greek language and cultural background; it also includes researchers with specialities in social health research and ageing research. The research includes Interviews with older Greeks in their own language in two council areas of Adelaide and in Darwin. A survey of formal service providers, both mainstream and ethno-specific, has also been completed, and is enabling a comparison between services which are made available and the service preferences of older Greek residents.


Lareen Newman

Project Staff

L Newman, C Hurley, R Walker

Partner Research Groups or Other Partners

Modern Greek Section of Flinders Department of Language Studies
Flinders Migrant & Refugee Research Academic unit

Funding & duration

Faculty of Education, Theology, Humanities and Law, Flinders University: 2010-11
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, 2010-2011
Department of Culture and Migration, Government of the Hellenic Republic, 2010

Associated Publications

Project Reports

  • Tsianikas, M., Skaltsas, M., Newman, L., Hurley, C. & Beale, B. (2010) Improving Access to Support Services for Ageing Greek Speakers in Australia, with particular emphasis on South Australia: A Literature Review. A report by the Modern Greek Section of the Department of Language Studies, the Southgate Institute for Health Society & Equity, and the South Australian Community Health Research Unit, Flinders University, Adelaide, 25pp.

Conference Papers/Abstracts

  • Newman, L., Tsianikas, M., Panagiotopoulos, G., Hurley, C. & Walker, R. (2010), ‘Social and health support needs of the ageing Greek diaspora in Australia: the views of older migrants and service providers.’ Abstract accepted for10th Biennial Conference of the Modern Greek Studies Association Australia & New Zealand: Hellenism in a Globalised World, Sydney, December 2010.
  • Panagiotopoulos, G., Hurley, C., Newman, L., Tsianikas, M., Walker, R. & Skaltsas, M. (2010) ‘Community-based health service and support needs of South Australia’s ageing Greek migrants.’ Abstract accepted for 40th Annual Conference of the Public Health Association of Australia, Adelaide, 27-29 September.
  • Tsianikas, M., Newman, L., Hurley, C., Walker, R., Skaltsas, M., Beales, B. & Panagiotopoulos, G. (2010) ‘Ageing and services in the Greek diaspora: the case of Darwin.’ Paper presented at AAG Northern Territory Conference: Ageing North, a conference of the Australian Association of Gerontology (SA & NT Division), August 2010.
  • Newman, l., Tsianikas, M., Hurley, C., Walker, R. & Skaltsas, M. (2010) ‘The Greek Australian ageing population in South Australia: the Missing Link.’ Paper presented at International Federation on Ageing 10th Global Conference, Melbourne, May 2010.