Evaluating the Effectiveness of Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Local Communities - Research Symposium, October 2010


On October 20th and 21st, 2010, we held a research symposium for the Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Local Communities project at the Art Gallery, Adelaide, SA. Attendees included the chief and associate investigators on the project, members of the critical reference group, managers and staff from the primary health care services, SA Health and regional health service executives, and other academic, policy, and practice stakeholders.

The program for the first day, and the breakfast meeting on the second day are listed below, along with links to copies of the presentations for each speaker.

Some key themes to emerge from the discussions at the symposium were:

  1. The need for emphasis and attention on the context, in particular integration with the rest of the health system and the current rapid rate of health reform.
  2. The tension globally between Comprehensive Primary Health Care and conservative health reforms and restructures.
  3. Whether Primary Health Care services have a role in addressing the social determinants of health in their local communities, and if so, how to overcome the current barriers to services acting in this role.
  4. The need for activities that encompass the spectrum of rehabilitative, curative, preventive, and promotive interventions.


Day 1 - Program

Open and welcome, Housekeeping

Indigenous welcome to country

Fran Baum

Jack Buckskin


Overview of research

Description & summary of project and GP study, progress to date

Fran Baum

Toby Freeman, Gwyn Jolley

Philosophy, history, current trends in global CPHC and comparison with Australia/SA/NT
David Sanders
Findings from Teasdale Corti CPHC project and implications/links to our project
Ron Labonte
Early findings from stage 1 interviews
Toby Freeman
Issues arising from interviews and implications for policy and practice
Small groups

Program logic models: process of development and how they will be used, present generic model.

Experience of logic models from sites

Michael Bentley/Angela Lawless

Interview panel of sites

Reflections on best practice in PHC and links to this research
David Legge
How can this research be most useful for policy and practice?
Group discussion
Close and summary of day
Fran Baum
Day 2 - Breakfast Meeting
Open and Chair
David Day
Overview of research
Fran Baum
Summary of progress and early findings
Toby Freeman/Gwyn Jolley
Current trends in global CPHC and comparison with Australia/SA/NT
David Sanders
Links to global research
Ron Labonte
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress perspective
Donna Ah Chee
Discussion and questions


The remainder of the second day was used as a planning workshop with investigators and service managers to map out the evaluation methods to be used over the next three years of the project.