2012 Primary Health Care Symposium

'The future of primary health care in Australia: opportunities and constraints'

27th - 29th November, 2012
Crowne Plaza, Alice Springs

The second research symposium for the NHMRC-funded project “Evaluating the effectiveness of comprehensive primary health care in local communities” was held in Alice Springs in November 2012. It was co-hosted by the South Australian Community Health Research Unit, Flinders University, and Central Australian Aboriginal Congress.

Knowledge exchange is central to the project, and the symposium engaged policy makers, primary health care managers, executives, practitioners, policy-makers, and academics in discussion about the current landscape of primary health care in Australia. Members of the research team also presented emerging findings from the NHMRC research on primary health care models.

The symposium was very successful in providing a space to reflect on the opportunities and challenges facing primary health care, due in large part to the experience, wisdom, and participation of attendees as well as the invited speakers.

Key messages from the symposium included the need to recognise and celebrate the Aboriginal community controlled sector as leaders in comprehensive primary health care; the need to consider the type and style of primary health care and health promotion in the changing national context; and the continued need for a social movement to reinvigorate and revalourise primary health care and health promotion.

Day 1 - November 27, 2012
1:45pmAcknowledgement of country
Ms Tahnia Edwards (PDF 84KB)
2:00Welcome Prof Fran Baum (PDF 1MB)
2:15From personal care to community activism: prospects for comprehensive primary health care in a new era of neoliberal austerity Prof Ron Labonté (PDF 3MB)
3:45Using program logic to develop CPHC Dr Angela Lawless (PDF 2MB)
4:15Planning for primary health care: organisational perspectives

Mr Mark Booth (PDF 1MB)

Mr Jeff Cheverton

With video (PDF 92MB)
Without video (PDF 390KB)
5:30Welcome reception - Launch of Global Health Watch 3A/Prof David Legge
Prof David Sanders
Day 2 - November 28, 2012
8:45amWelcome and housekeeping Prof Fran Baum (PDF 2MB)
9:00Canadian Community Health Centre Model Mr Jack McCarthy (PDF 3MB)
9:50The Aboriginal Community Control model of CPHC Ms Donna Ah Chee (PDF 9MB)
11:00Community voice in Primary Health Care services and evaluation Dr Toby Freeman (PDF 1MB)

Panel: Community participation in primary health care settings

1:30pmSocial determinants and health promotion Prof Fran Baum (PDF 3MB)
2:00Case studies of PHC working on the social determinants of health
3:30Health reform as a backdrop to primary health care Ms Gwyn Jolley (PDF 269KB)
4:00World Café Discussion
  1. What insights in to CPHC have you gained over the past two days?
  2. What policy changes are needed to institute effective CPHC in Australia?
  3. What practice changes are needed to institute effective CPHC in Australia?
Dr Angela Lawless (PDF 2MB)
Day 3 - November 29, 2012
8:30amWelcome and housekeeping Prof Fran Baum (PDF 3MB)
8:40Primary health care: rationale, evolution and current challenges to its revitalisation and impact Prof David Sanders (PDF 9MB)
9:30Panel: Future of primary health care in Australia: opportunities and constraints
10:30Farewell and wrap upProf Fran Baum

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