Southgate Solutions

Southgate Solutions provides high-quality consultancy research to policy-makers, community based services, primary health care, health promotion and local government.

Building on almost 30 years of experience our participatory approach ensures that organisations are actively engaged in the research that occurs when hiring us.

Evidence-based practice

With the increasing emphasis on evidence-based policy and practice, Southgate Solutions is able to assist with accessing and reviewing existing research evidence, including quick scoping or rapid appraisal of the evidence.

Consultancy Research

Our experienced staff can undertake short and large term research projects, working fully with you to design the research according to your needs, collecting and analysing the required data and presenting the results in a report and/or other preferred formats.


More information:

To discuss ways in which Southgate Solutions may assist with your evaluation, research or training needs, please contact Dr Toby Freeman.


P: 08 7221 8468